Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Korean Friends (part I)

We have a couple of 12-year-old Korean boys staying with us this week as they perform in various Festivals around the state and specifically Summerfest in Bountiful this weekend. My friend Carol got a call late Saturday night that a couple of host families backed out at the last minute and would she be willing to take 4 boys. She said she would and went to pick them up Sunday morning. There were 8 boys waiting for her! She knew she couldn't transport 8 of them and didn't have beds for that many either. She quickly asked several of her friends if they'd help by taking 2 each. I was one of those friends...

The boy in the white shirt (Tim) speaks a "little" English and Chan doesn't speak any. We took the boys to the Rec. Center on Monday for 5 hours and they didn't want to leave!

We had the families up for FHE Monday night and showed the boys how to make S'mores.

Chan's first taste was very exciting for him and he ate 3.

Tim must've gone through 20 marshmallows as he worked on keeping the marshmallows on the stick (I think he really had fun with the fire and watching the marshmallows burn...)

The boys love when we get them all together so they can speak Korean and they seem to be enjoying everything we have planned for them.

They are very nice, respectful boys and very appreciative. We've enjoyed having them in our home.

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