Monday, April 11, 2011

Planes, Trains & Automobiles... (ok, the train was a tram)

I have been on the road for 10 days involving some form of transportation. Hillary and I flew to Colorado on April 1 for two days for a lacrosse tournament.

The team drove Thursday but Hillary couldn't miss another class/lab that is just once a week and she was flying out the following Thursday to Missouri for another tournament so I decided to go with her.

The weather was lovely in Fort Collins and the team played the best of the best teams and did really well.

Got home in time to drive Hailey and Grayson to Capistrano Beach in California. We left Sunday and spent the night in St. George and then left Monday morning to finish the just under 6-hour drive.

These two slept most of the way, read, worked on homework and watched a DVD. They have A LOT of fun together even though they are 3 years apart...

Garrett flew in and joined us Tuesday-Friday so he could work Monday and Saturday. John had too many things going on at work so he stayed home and tended Cooper.

Garrett and I always ride from Dana Point to San Clemente Pier. This was on Tuesday and by Friday he had a nice tan.

We went to Universal Studios since we hadn't been there for quite awhile and Grayson really didn't even remember it. It wasn't crowded and we got on all the rides and saw all the shows we were interested in.

We saw our favorite characters...

This is the tram I mentioned in the blog title...

Gotta love the Jaws experience on the tram... that plastic beast came right up on my side so we had to get a pix of it in a better position.

Hailey loves the show Beetlejuice so she was excited when she was him...

Grayson watched so many Spongebob episodes I thought he would ask to live in a pineapple under the sea...

Garrett LOVES fast and cool-looking cars.

Most of our days were spent at the beach and pool. And how can you not enjoy playing basketball in this setting?

The boys joined a pick-up game and Grayson was chosen to be on the "skins" team. They called him "little man" and then "MVP" when he scored the winning shot for their team.

Can't wait to get back in 6 weeks for a few days with just Hillary... (my dad was nice enough to let us use his timeshare again because BYU doesn't have Spring Break the same time the other kids do and she misses out on our annual beach trip.)


Carin said...

Now THAT is spring break weather!!! You were in the right place!!!!! I am glad you had fun!!!! I am SO SORRY you HAVE to go back! :) Have fun with Hillary!!!!!!!

Shauna said...

Are you EXHAUSTED?? Sounds like a wonderful spring break! YOU look like one of your kids!!!