Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We were SO excited to head down to St. George after school on Friday where the sun was shining and it was warm and then HOT over Memorial Day weekend.

Cooper celebrated his 5th birthday...

 ... with a little ATV ride, two new toys and a hamburger patty from In-In-Out.

Before church on Sunday we walked to the pond/park a couple of blocks from our house and fed the ducks before we let Cooper loose to give them a short chase to the water's edge.

One of the ducks we nicknamed "Dinosaur" because he chased us for more bread with his mouth open and a loud hiss--we were all a little scared.

Drove to Snow Canyon and started hiking on a pet-approved trail but it got so hot that we had to turn around because Cooper was too heavy to carry the additional 3 miles...

We had a short FHE lesson in the shade.

 John held up a rock.

Made our first visit to the Mountain Meadows Massacre site.

Played tennis, tetherball, 4-square, soccer and basketball.  The kids got in the pool and I got a sugar cookie from SWIG (corner of 1000 East and Tabernacle--a MUST!) and drove home.

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Karen said...

What a fun and ACTIVE long weekend! We'll see you on Friday on Garrett's and Madi's big day!