Monday, May 14, 2012

WCLA Nationals in Colorado Springs

The Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Nationals were in Colorado Springs this year where the top 16 teams competed for the National Title.  My dad's 90-year-old brother lives there so I invited my parents to go with me.

We watched one lacrosse game each day and did lots of sightseeing in between.

We went to Garden of the Gods...

...and my dad and I took one morning and went on the Cog Railway to the top of Pikes Peak.

It was 80 degrees at the bottom and 30 degrees at the top.

Hillary played the whole time in all four games: #11 BYU lost by one in overtime to #6 Central Florida; Beat #14 Virginia by 7; Beat #7 Texas by 2 in overtime; Lost to #5 Colorado State by 2.

Hillary and her 90-year-old great uncle Vance.

It was fun to attend the awards banquet for the BYU lacrosse team where Hillary received her "Senior" gift as she is graduating in August and the "Perma-Smile" award from the captains.

Farewell BYU Lacrosse Team (until Hailey tries out in 2013...)


Karen said...

I love CO Springs. So fun that you get to go to all of Hillary's games. Her grin award is well deserved!

Shauna said...

Colorado Springs is one of my favorite places! Congratulations to ALL the Tebbs on your many accomplishments!!! WOW!