Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Handcart Days Parade

 All 3 of my kids AND John were in the parade so I sat with my parents and John's--all pushing 80 years but still lots of spunk!

Hailey came through first on the WXHS float with the cheerleaders and officers.  She's a co-captain this year and is excited for her Senior year.

THEN... what we were all waiting for--the 2000+ Strippling Warriors.

Everyone stood up as they passed by and Grayson and Garrett marched.

John was a water boy in the back :)

Our ward had 15 boys participate which was a great turnout in our stake and they had a great experience doing it.  My favorite part was when they stopped, hit their sticks rapidly on the ground and then stopped and shouted, "We Will Not Doubt."  Chills!

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