Sunday, July 15, 2012


Grayson competes on two competition teams that tend to overlap each other on occasion.  His Utah Hustle basketball team recently competed in the Big Mountain Jam tournament at South Towne Center against teams from New Mexico, Canada and all over Utah.

Several of his normal team members were out of town so his coach brought in a few guest players.  Since Grayson is one of the key players, the coach never pulled him out and he really had to dig deep to find the energy and intensity to play his game.

Grayson's Forza soccer team played in the Impact Tournament this past week and again, his coach never pulled him out.

In basketball he's point guard so he controls the plays.  In soccer he plays defense and keeps the other team from scoring.

Whatever he plays, he is intense!

 His team won all four games--even in the 103 heat!--and took home gold medals.


Karen said...

He's the next Jimmer! And I can say I knew him when...

Shauna said...

Ummmmmm, I think you're ALL intense!!! :)