Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Growing Up (a before/after perspective)...

Grayson was 18 months old and Garrett was 6-1/2 when we moved into this house.  They shared a large room together which was able to house a full bed for Garrett and a twin bed for Grayson with lots of room in between.

They each had their own closet and shared a bathroom.  My dad painstakingly painted all the black and white checks on the wall and the room had a Nascar theme with car pictures on the walls.

The minute Garrett left on his mission, Grayson had his new bedding ordered, we were picking out furniture and buying a few accessories for his "man cave."

He chose everything himself and now we can't get this 14-year-old to leave his room!!  He loves it!!!!


Misty said...

Cute! You move fast! I need some of your energy. Care to loan me some?

Shauna said...

WOW! Love the new change! He could go into the design business!!!!!