Saturday, December 1, 2012

St. George Expedition Relay

Our 2nd annual 50-mile relay in St. George Utah--love it!  Started out looking pretty fresh at 8 am and 50-degree, cloudy weather--perfect for running.

Karen was Runner #1

The exciting starting line... 5 runners per team--two legs each.

Karen finishing her first leg.

Lauretta finishing her first leg.

No one wanted the uphill Snow Canyon leg--5 miles of steady climb--so I owned it...

...and then a killer last mile which warranted a race hat (and jacket removal) upon completion :D

Michelle enjoying her first leg.

Heidi is always ready to pump out some pavement.

Karen finishing Leg #2--she is the first one done.

Lauretta waiting for a car to cross the street.  Missed her race skip this year...

Trying to figure out why I got the crappy legs this year.  Most of this one was in dirt!

Michelle waving at the air exchange after her final run so Heidi could start.

Heidi couldn't wait to be done with the race... She keeps coming back though so she must secretly love it OR us!

We finished 17th out of 45 teams--7 hours after we started--yay for us!


Shauna said...

Congrats! You're all running your butts off......literally! :)

Mrs. Organic said...

Impressive! You all look like you have a great time, too.

Misty said...

You guys are inspiring!