Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Fun!

Another 1st place competition qualified the WX Cheer Squad to go to State Championships March 9.

Hailey cheered for her last basketball game as the Wildcats boys basketball team was eliminated in the first round of 4A State playoffs at Weber State Tuesday night.

Garrett arrived safely in Mexico and went to where the movie Zorro was filmed for p-day with his District.

I LOVE this picture of him playing Come Thou Fount in a town square in San Luis Potosi, his first area where he is serving with two elders.

However, I DON'T love this picture of him getting a ride the Mexican way...


Misty said...

The Zorro set is awesome! He looks great. Congrats to Hailey. I can't believe she's a senior!

Shauna said...

LOVE that picture too!!!!!!!

Carin Davis said...

Come Thou Fount!!!!!!! It must have been beautiful!!!! I am sure they are so grateful for that boy of yours!!!!!!!!!!