Friday, February 1, 2013

Finally... Some MTC Photos!

Garrett has been in the MTC for 9 weeks and I haven't seen one picture of him until today with his e-mail!  He looks great and has filled out a little (he's gained 10 pounds he says).  He and his companion Elder Perkes are both from Bountiful and both heading to Leon, Mexico.

Looks like Garrett and his roommates made quite the Christmas haul...

The 4 roommates.

Garrett's District before they dwindled down to the final 6 waiting on Visas to leave the MTC.

Garrett and some high school pals, Elder Hosman and Elder Wilkes.

Garrett and the 5 remaining Elders in his district will leave the MTC next Thursday after 10 weeks and have been reassigned to the Salt Lake City South Mission until they get their Visas to head to Leon Mexico.  (Yes, Garrett is now in an area to get his sorely missed In-N-Out double double and NO, I will not be lurking around the streets of SLC hoping to run into him :D)


Mrs. Organic said...

sure would be tempting, though.

Misty said...

That is rough! Talk about temptation staring you straight in the face. He looks great!

Shauna said...

Brings back lots of memories!!!! He looks really, REALLY, HAPPY!! :)

Tracy Larsen said...

He looks really great! What a wonderful thing for him to get to experience. Happy for you all!