Monday, April 29, 2013

Story Behind the Success... From Wildcat to Cougar

Hailey has always wanted to attend BYU.  Due to her interest and talents in both lacrosse and cheer/dance she wasn't sure which one to pursue in college. (I kept telling her how blessed she was to even think she had options like that to choose from!)  Once she was accepted to BYU in February she started praying to know if she should try out for cheerleading or lacrosse her Freshman year, OR do neither and just enjoy being a student for the first time in many years.  During the month of March she thought maybe she was going to play lacrosse since her Senior season had started, it's a passion and she is a very strong player.  She attended a BYU cheer clinic at the end of March with another WX cheerleader and after that she thought maybe she'd try out for cheer.

The whole month of April she has been undecided, waffling back and forth, frustrated at not having her prayers answered, etc., etc.  The first tryout for BYU cheer was Friday, April 26 from 4-8 pm.  She had a HUGE lacrosse game that day at 5 pm against the only other undefeated team in their region/division.  She's captain.  She's a leading scorer.  She didn't want to let the team down and talked to the head lacrosse coach about it the prior week as they drove to Idaho Falls together for a double header.  Her coach told her that it was just one game and that the cheer thing could be her whole freshman year in college and that she would support Hailey if she wanted to miss the game for tryouts.  That was helpful.

Hailey chose to attend cheer tryouts Friday night.  She wanted John to go with her (which I actually preferred so I could shuttle Grayson from a soccer practice to two basketball games instead of explain carpool details to him).  They cut quite a few girls that night and Hailey made first cuts.  She was pleased but STILL unsure if this was the route she wanted to take.  The BYU cheer coach said the girls trying out should be in it for the passion of wanting to cheer and not the title.  For Hailey, its never been about the title but she wondered if she had the passion the coach talked about for cheer like the passion she has for lacrosse.

Saturday morning.  6:30 am.  Hailey needs to leave by 7 am to get to tryouts by 8 am in Provo.  Still asleep.  Mom wakes her up.  Hailey says she doesn't want to go.  She didn't get an answer to her prayers.  If no desire, maybe shouldn't do it.  Mom says she needs to go.  Hailey stays in bed.  6:50 am. Mom feels strongly she should go and tells Hailey that.  Hailey still not deciding.  John not getting involved and actually sides with Hailey.  Mom tries one more time.  Says maybe she'll get her answer during tryouts but she NEEDS to go.  Hailey gets out of bed at 6:55 am and said John has to go with her.  John dresses rapidly.  Mom hurriedly makes piece of wheat toast with peanut butter and hands Hailey a Gatorade as they walk out the door at 7:05 am.

As soon as they were on the road, I sent Hailey the following text: "Good luck today and just do your best.  Leave it in the Lord's hands.  Whatever happens is meant to be.  Maybe you're supposed to meet someone or experience something through this opportunity."  She sent me a text back during the break and sounded a little more hopeful and upbeat about the whole thing.

John was there from 8:00-1:00.  They sent out another group of girls that got cut.  Hailey was still in the audition room and John was out waiting with all the other "moms."  At 1:45 I got a text from him that she made it and he needed her BYU student ID.  I was thrilled!!!!!  For selfish reasons I was pleased that all of Hailey's HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS, YEARS of dance, tumbling, cheer and the money spent resulted in something big that she could look back on and be proud of the rest of her life.  There are so few that ever get an opportunity like this!  John said she came out with a huge smile and Hailey said when she came out John was crying.  It's a little overwhelming to think your little girl is going to be a collegiate cheerleader.

Anyway... that is the story behind her successful tryout for BYU cheerleader.  She went from a panther (Mueller Park Jr. High) to a wildcat (Woods Cross High) to a cougar.  John and I have never liked cats but we are going to love this COUGAR!!!  When she got home I hugged her and told her how proud I was of her and that I was going to take 100% credit for the result. She told me she would totally give me that and was so happy I made her go!!!

Another new-Freshman friend that made the squad!

A new friend from Arizona that is as excited as Hailey about getting fitted for their uniforms!

John wanted one photo in front of the school where Hailey will spend the next 4+ years...



Courtnie said...

So cool. So excited for her! Maybe she can hook up some younger cousins later in the year with a meet and greet with Cosmo. :)

Karen said...

I love this. She probably did so well at tryouts not only because she is talented, but also not under stress as much as she could've been. She has put in a lot of hours of hard work, but so have you!!

Mrs. Organic said...

congrats! so awesome to see those hours pay off.

Misty said...

What a great story! Congrats Hailey!