Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cougar Kick-Off

I guess the Cougar Kick-Off is kind of a big deal for BYU fans.  Last Wednesday night Grayson and I drove to Provo to see what it was all about since Hailey said the cheer squad had to make an "appearance." She had just finished Day 3 of 3-a-day cheer workouts and Hailey was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.  She was excited to see us.

The squad performed the BYU Fight song for the crowd while lines were long waiting for all of the football, soccer and volleyball athletes to sign posters, shirts, hats, etc.  

Funny story.  John has a best friend Rick who lives in Colorado.  They talk on the phone as they drive home from work about once a week.  They call each other "dog."  Rick has a son who plays on the BYU football team and Hailey is a cheerleader.  We ran into this 6'5, 300+pounds of muscle player and thought it would be fun to send a picture to their dads...

Hailey actually enjoys the mingling and interacting with the fans and kids.  One mom even had Hailey take her son to the bathroom for her--kinda weird???

This is the text I received later that evening.  I hope next week isn't as tough on her as this past week has been!


Carin said...

What an opportunity!!!! We are so proud of her- an amazing girl!!!!!

Misty said...

It sounds like a grueling schedule. I'm tired for her just thinking about it, the poor girl! She is such a great girl and is so lucky to have such a loving and supportive family! That mom of hers is pretty darn amazing!