Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Can't Keep Doing This!!!!

This is the 3rd child I have helped pack up the majority of their belongings and watch move out of my home in the past 11 months!!!!!!!!!  My heart can't take it anymore! (It's my own fault for having them so close together, but it really is quite tragic.)

John, Grayson and I helped Hailey load up her car and John's car completely full and drove down to Provo this afternoon to move her into her apartment.  

It's always so stark and empty when you first see the room.

But little by little it starts coming to life...

(John was appalled by the number of shoes she took...)

The important things:  She's settled.  She's excited.  She's happy.  She will be busy the next two weeks before school since she'll be practicing with the cheer squad at least 8 hours a day.  We all got a little teary when we hugged goodbye but she's coming home this weekend :D

...and this room will be waiting for her. 
She will be missed!!!!!!!

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Courtnie said...

I saw that first picture of the back of the car and was surprised she took so little. I just needed to scroll down. And I wasn't surprised with the shoes. . .she's Grammy's grandchild!