Monday, November 18, 2013

Beautiful girl... beautiful life!

Can't believe another one of my babies is 22 today!  
Hillary Marzette is known to always have a smile on her face. 

Hillary received some kind of "smiley" award from EVERY competitive team she played on in high school and college because she was constantly smiling on and off the field.  Thought I'd post a couple of photos with some of her  "inner aggression" showing... :)

She's a beautiful young woman--inside and out--and accomplished in so many things... music, sports, fashion, amazing with kids, cooking, sewing (did NOT get that skill from me), etc. 

So glad she enjoys running as much as I do so she comes back to Utah for races...

Happy Birthday Hillary!!!  We love you!


Karen said...

I just realized that you have a huge clump of birthdays! My other friend has her "clump" in February...most of her kids and now grandkids are in the same month. It makes for a busy time. Have fun!

Misty said...

I love Hillary and her cute smile! Happy birthday, Hillary!