Friday, December 6, 2013

Catching Up--So Much To Be GRATEFUL For!

Grayson has enjoyed his new school this year as well as having so many of his friends there, however, playing on the school's basketball team has been a character-building experience for him (and me!).

  He has never sat on the bench so much in his life!  He's been quite mature about it and has even made some comments that have helped me get a grip and try and come to terms with the situation.

 I've learned a lot about myself during this short 6-week Jr. High season and realize I have a long way to go in many areas in becoming a better person :) 

 It's a good thing he also plays on a great competition team with a great coach and gets lots of playing time...

  I'm so GRATEFUL for Grayson's humble ability to teach me how to be a better person and parent!

Speaking of basketball, Hailey started cheering for BYU's preseason basketball games before football season was over.  

We've gone down to a few home games and besides the fact they're inside and much shorter than football games, we love watching Hailey cheer.

 After the games Hailey doesn't want us to leave so we go grab a bite to eat and hang out for awhile.

 The last home football game was freezing, a rain/snow mix and John, Grayson and I went through a gallon of hot chocolate.

 I'm glad the cheerleaders get to wear parkas, sweats and gloves when it's cold.

  Caught a quick pix on the jumbo-tron (Hailey is kneeling on front row on the right).  I'm GRATEFUL for Hailey and her fun personality as well as the fact that she loves being around her family.


This year was my first time hosting Thanksgiving.  The Kings brought the turkey, stuffing and gravy; dad made the rolls and pomegranate jello salad and I did the rest. 

It was great to have Hillary and Patrick from California with us for a few days.

One of 3 different pies I made this year.  Hillary helped me make this apple-cranberry one and I have to say I was quite proud of the results!

It was nice to relax and visit before we had to cook another Thanksgiving meal to take up to John's parents' house that evening.

 I am so GRATEFUL for my family!!!

 With our shrinking family--3 of us living at home--Grayson has been quite lonely and relishes the weekends Hailey can come home.  He makes sure we have activities planned each Monday night and is awesome to remind us to have scriptures and prayer each evening.

 Big milestone for Garrett as he celebrated one year in the mission field on November 28.  I don't think missionaries are supposed to play with fire, but it seems to be a tradition to burn a shirt at that milestone.
I am GRATEFUL Garrett will be home to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas with us next year!

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Shauna said...

That's quite an up-date on the Tebbs! You seriously made those pies?? I'm not sure if I believe you....I thought you were like me that way! :)