Saturday, December 21, 2013

Back Together Again!

(First, I apologize that every photo was taken with my phone and the quality is fair at best...)

Hailey finished her last final on THURSDAY and drove in the snowstorm to make it back in time to watch Tiny Tebbs and the Wildcat team win the So. Davis Superleague Championship.

FRIDAY night we went to Cafe Rio for dinner and then headed to Centerpointe Legacy Theater to see "White Christmas."  Everyone was a bit tired before the show started and catnapped...

SATURDAY found us driving Hailey to Provo in another snowstorm to cheer at the BYU Girls basketball game vs. Utah State.  It was our first time attending a girls game and they are pretty sparsely attended.  We had front row seats for a change and a personal visit from Christmas Cosmo!

Only 5 cheerleaders at this game.  Hailey is 2nd from the left and they're doing the fight song.

A quick tumbling pass during a timeout.

That evening we delivered a fun treat to one of John's employees who has been working extra hard.  We are enjoying having the family back together again--even if it's only for a couple of weeks!

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