Sunday, January 12, 2014

My mom's a Rock Star!

My mom comes home from the rehab hospital tomorrow!  She broke her hip on Christmas Eve and had surgery that same night.  She stayed in a regular hospital for a few days and was then moved to a rehabilitation hospital to heal and learn how to take care of her injury as she continues the healing process at home.

She has worked really hard to get around and learn how to maneuver without putting any weight on her right leg.

There are 14 stairs in her house from the main floor up to the 2nd floor where her bedroom is located.  She has learned how to use one crutch while holding onto the rail to get up and down the stairs.  She is so excited to go home and we are excited at the progress she has made!

We also said goodbye to this great couple, my nephew Collin and his cute wife Lacey.  They left today for Washington, D.C. where he will begin with the Metro Police Academy in a couple of weeks and Lacey will look for a nursing job.  We wish them well and hope they'll be available if we ever need a 2-week babysitting stint for Grayson again--he had WAY more fun with them than his own family!  Good luck to the Kings in D.C.!


Karen said...

I know where you got your Rock Star Status from: your mother! (I bet your daddy has some in him as well...) I'm so happy to see her progress, she is amazing!

Misty said...

Hooray!!!! That is a lot of work recovering from an injury and surgery like that. There's no place like home!