Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve

Our New Years Eve celebrations started off early--4:30 pm to be exact--so the kids would have enough time to paint something at Color Me Mine.  Grayson chose a basketball bank (of course) and Hailey wanted a personal plate she could use to eat off of at BYU.

They worked steadily using tape, markers and small paint items to get their projects exact.  

After they're fired, the colors will be a lot darker and enhanced.  We get to pick them up in a few days.

Hailey, Grayson and I headed to McGrath's for dinner.  John had a building project that ran into some snags so he was working late.  We were glad he was able to join up with us for a movie, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and ate dinner in the theater.

Grayson gave up friends and 2 parties to spend with the family and because of a cold I've been trying to fight off, we opted to do our Sparkling Pomegranate and Sparkling Lemonade toast on Eastern Time at 10 pm so I could hit the sack and the everyone else could play xbox until midnight.

Our family was truly blessed in 2013 and we all have big plans for the New Year!!  Happy 2014!

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Misty said...

I love Hailey's bangs. But then again, she'd be gorgeous bald. Looks like a fun time!