Sunday, May 11, 2014

California Beach Week!

What a wonderful week we had together at Capistrano Beach in So. Cal!  My parents are always very generous to let us tag along and stay in their condo with them.

Hailey finished off her finals and completed her freshman year at BYU and was SO ready for some relaxation... especially since she knew it would be a long time since she'd be on a beach again.

Hillary and Patrick live in Irvine--about 20 min. from where we stay.  Patrick was in Chicago most of the week for work so Hillary joined us for dinner each night after she was done with work and we enjoyed spending time with her.

 One of Hailey's requests was to go to Disneyland and we did!! Twice!  The first time my parents joined us for the day and they went around the park at their pace and we went around the park at ours.

We went to the San Diego Temple and Seaport Village one day.

Then the fun REALLY began!  John and Grayson joined us for the last 3 days of our trip and it just happened to be John's 52nd birthday.  We celebrated at every restaurant for those 3 days so he felt loved and got to eat lots of desserts!

Of course the rest of us always ordered desserts right along with him :)

On our next to last day, we were finally all together!  Patrick was back in town and we spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm riding every fast ride possible.  John was very kind to wait for us and hold our stuff.

We spent our last day attending church with Hillary and Patrick, enjoying a delicious BBQ lunch they fixed for us and playing games.

Lastly, the sisters said goodbye for 18 months.  They will certainly miss each other... I sure love my family and can't wait until we're all together again!!!

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