Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend!!

I am not a long distance runner.  I love running relays with my friends and family but a half marathon is pushing it.  After Christmas I had gained a few holiday pounds and was a little low knowing I was going to be down to one child living in our household in a few short months.  I set a goal to find a half marathon to train 100% for and "roped" my friends and family into running with me!  Hillary had me sign up for the only other half marathon I had run on a whim 3 years prior and it wasn't super fun.  Took me a whopping 1:52.  I found a 12-week training schedule online this time and followed it to a T!  What a difference dedicated training makes... plus a constant, downhill gradual course in a beautiful canyon.

This is what my app recorded.  Offical time off my timing chip was 1:33.  Got me a 1st place in the Women's 44-49 age group and 33rd place overall out of 433 runners.

This was the "after" picture.  Everyone did amazingly well!  I was especially proud of Hailey--first 1/2 marathon--not a runner--decided to train and stayed disciplined and dedicated--came in 2nd place in her 14-18 age group!!!

John finally crossed the finish line after a 15-minute bathroom stop (we were getting REALLY worried) and I was proud he attempted the race since he didn't choose to follow a dedicated training schedule :)

After a quick soak in the hot tub and a shower, I went to watch Grayson play in the JV Regional tennis matches.  He and his doubles partner beat Cyprus, East and Bountiful to become JV Regional 2nd Doubles Champs!

I was so proud of Grayson's determination to continue to play tennis with his cast, attend practice everyday and play hard to win the championship game.

The JV team was victorious as well and won the JV Regional Team Championship!

The best Mother's Day so far began when I received these beautiful flowers from Hillary and Patrick and their sweet note.

I felt especially blessed to have Hailey's mission farewell on Mother's Day.  Couldn't ask for a better gift than to listen to her bear her testimony and share experiences from reading the scriptures that have prepared her to serve a mission.  She did a fabulous job and we enjoyed so many of her friends and family at our home visiting with her after church.

And then!  When I thought it couldn't get any better!!!!  Talking to Elder Tebbs for an hour was icing on the cake!  We talked, joked, laughed, and it made me so anxious to get this fine man back into our home in 7 more months!

Finally, I saw this picture Grayson had taken of me sometime on Mother's Day without me knowing and I noticed the many wrinkles and age lines on my face.  EVERY SINGLE ONE HAS BEEN WORTH IT being a mom to my wonderful children!  Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

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JoAnn Almanza-Gonzalez said...

Lines on our faces are the lines of words we write about either on our blogs or FB and of course always about our children. Lines of wisdom and love. I love the lines and the gray on my face and hair. I'm glad you do too! I think you look just as awesome & beautiful as you did years ago.