Monday, June 9, 2014

Midwest Trip - June 2014

 I am turning 49 next month.  I've traveled through 30 states.  My goal--visit all 50 by the end of my 50th year.  Grayson was heading to EFY for a week so I asked John if he'd go with me to a few of the "less popular" state.s.  He said "yes" if I would do all the driving, he could work on his computer and phone during the 2 days we'd be gone and I used "points" for all the airfare and hotels--DONE!

First stop--Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Scheduled quite a few stops in Kansas...

 Dodge City, Kansas--Boot Hill Museum & Gunfight + town trolley ride to see the feed farms for cattle

Wamego, Kansas

Manhattan, Kansas

 Lincoln, Nebraska--University of Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska--Winter Quarters, Winter Quarters Temple, Mormon Trail Visitors Center
I think this stop is what clinched the deal for John to travel with me.  He was in charge of building this Visitors Center when he worked at Bud Bailey Construction just prior to starting his own business.  Because he left before the project was finished, he never saw it completed.  He was thrilled to see the finished product.

Hadn't planned on this, but we were just a couple miles from Iowa so we crossed the Mormon Bridge and went to the Kanesville Tabernacle where all those who participated in the Mormon Battalion were listed on placques.  John's ancestors, Orin and Meltiar Hatch were Privates in Company C.

20 states to go!!!

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Shauna said...

I wonder you have too much energy!???? It sounds really fun to do though, I have to say! HAPPY travels!!!!!