Sunday, June 29, 2014


 The temperature gauge on the car says it all... it was one hot week in St. George.  I was a driver for one of WXHS incoming sophomore teams at the Dixie Basketball Camp.  I had no idea it entailed driving the 7 boys from their hotel each morning to three different games at various locations, getting them to their lunch and dinner meals at various locations, shuttling them to evening activities and then back to their hotel for bed.  I was hoping to get a little R&R at the house but that wasn't quite how it panned out.

However, I did find time to do this...

...and this!  So glad Karen was also in St. George so we could explore an awesome 7-mile hike/run in Snow Canyon.  We had to go at 6 am so I could be back in time to provide my shuttle service.  She's always game when I ask her to do crazy things.


 I was SO grateful I was back home Friday night when Cooper was attacked by (what I think was a raccoon) in our fenced backyard while out going to the bathroom.  The laceration was as deep as it was wide and he had to be sedated with an IV and anesthesia to get his stitches.  I hung around the house Saturday evening nursing the poor pooch and even slept on the downstairs couch that night so he wouldn't try and climb any stairs.

Meanwhile, John found a friend to go motorcycling with in the early evening hours and was so happy to finally take his bike out (he can't wait until Garrett gets home so they can go riding).

Sunday afternoon naps for the 3 worn-out boys...

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