Tuesday, July 15, 2014

High Adventure 2014

Grayson and John went up to Jackson, WY with the scouts to High Adventure Scout Camp last week.  John was able to stay 3 days and participate in pistol shooting, white water rafting and canoeing.  Grayson stayed all 5 days and added boating at Palisade Reservoir in Idaho to his agenda.



A few trouble makers... (adults)


A few more... (scouts)

It never matters how cold the water is, the scouts always manage to get wet.

Anything to do with guns is always a favorite activity...

When tired of cafeteria food, Jackson Hole is only a few miles away...

 White water rafting and a day of canoeing on the Snake River were favorite activities...

...And of course, there are always the scout shenanigans that I don't want to hear about :)

I sure missed my men but Cooper and I still found fun things to do!

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Karen said...

Cooper looks like he's ready for a spa day.