Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pioneer Heritage Celebrations!

 I'm pretty sure we haven't skipped a Handcart Days Parade since we've always had a child participating somehow.  Kind've sad this year that we weren't in that same situation but we still thoroughly enjoyed the parade with family and friends.

The next morning John and I tried to keep with the tradition Hailey started last year with the Handcart Days 5K run.  This picture is before the race...

 These next two are of John and I heading to the finish line.  We both improved on our times from last year.  I placed 1st in my age group again (not too much competition in my age category) but my goal is to be one of the top 3 overall women finishers so I can get a "cool" pioneer trophy.  I was 5th among the women this year so I have some work to do.

After the race we ate our Chuckwagon Breakfast and headed over to work in the nacho booth at the park which our ward was assigned to this year.

We rounded off our weekend of fun by heading to Bear Lake to spend a couple of days with the Passey at their lovely house on the beach.  We enjoyed a hilarious play at Pickleville Playhouse and then an amazing dinner prepared by Chef Heather.  Favorite treat was the fresh raspberry shaved ice at 10 pm.  Amazing!!

 Saturday was beautiful and we headed to the beach for lots of fun!

 Grayson had a great time too and kind've remembered what it was like to have siblings again :)

Ended our week of celebration with our annual family birthday dinner to Maddox in Perry, Utah.  There were 15 of us and it was awesome!  My mom and I celebrate the same birthday as I was born on her 31st birthday.  She's celebrating a big one this year--Happy 80th mom!!!!


Karen said...

You guys have way to much fun! I'm literally living vicariously through you this summer...I'm too busy working or at school--boo! Congrats on the 5k run win. My favorite memory of running the Pioneer Day 5k was convincing Leann to run it with me while wearing our pioneer bonnets from trek. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Misty said...

I wish I had half your energy! Happy birthday!