Friday, August 1, 2014

Birthday WEEK!

  My day couldn't have started out any better!!  I received a beautiful letter and pics from Sister Tebbs in Nashville, an email from Elder Tebbs and a text from Hillary wishing me a happy birthday.

AND THEN... A Happy Birthday celebration to US!! July 27, 1965 was a great day for both of us--I am now 49 and my mom turned 80 and she looks fabulous!!!  My sister was kind enough to have us over for dinner so we didn't have to cook on our birthdays :)  Thank you Michelle!!


It was so fun to spend time with the extended family, especially Erin King who lives in NYC and don't see very often... (we look like we tried to color-coordinate!)

My niece Courtnie's children are darling and always great fun to be around... Plus, they keep Grayson entertained at the family get-togethers since he's the only other child that's usually there!

My birthday celebration continued as I flew to Vegas the next morning with my friends Michelle, Kristen and Lauretta.  We went to the furniture market (Kristen is a buyer and was able to get us in) and it was incredible!!! Three huge buildings with 15 floors each of product showrooms.

We literally walked from 9:30 am-6:30 pm and were more than happy to "test" chairs and couches when we needed a breather.

 Tommy Bahamas for dinner that night with the 3 of us celebrating birthdays within days of each other.  The pineapple creme brulee was to die for.  A little shopping at the outlet stores the next day and we were back on the plane heading home.

I flew home Tuesday evening just in time to watch Grayson play in his last game of a 2-day basketball tournament...

 ...then it was on to Wicked at Capitol Theater.  I love this musical and even though it was my 7th time seeing it, I still felt as giddy and enjoyed it as much as the first time.

Mid-week found us at a VIP tour of the new Ogden Temple.  John was in St. George for the day so I invited my parents and we all enjoyed ourselves.

I'm grateful for temples and the knowledge that families are forever because I sure love mine!

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