Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New School, New Year, New Companions!

After 7 straight years and a one-year break from having a child in high school, we're back in the saddle at Woods Cross High School.  We FINALLY get the bus and the bus stop is close by.  I'm making Grayson ride until he gets his license in a few months and he texted me on the first day that he WAS THE ONLY ONE RIDING THE BUS--good thing he's too cool for that "social suicide" stigma :)

Grayson has a pretty good schedule but says he's totally lost in the school and waits to see someone he knows to ask where his classroom is.  He'll be a pro by next week--we've done this before.

I was SO excited to see Elder Garrett Tebbs in a FB photo on the Aguascalientes Mission page.  He looks healthy and happy and OLDER!

With 3 remaining months as a missionary, Elder Tebbs left the office as an Assistant and went back out in the field to train a new missionary from Brazil.  He is SO excited to end his mission training!

I was equally excited to receive a text from my cousin Jessica in Tennessee with these cute pictures of Sister Tebbs!  Jessica was setting up for cub scout pack meeting at her church building and in walked Sister Tebbs for her mission transfer meeting.

Sister Tebbs will be serving with a new companion since her previous one completed her mission.  Lucky girl--after 3 months in the field she is already on her 3rd companion!  

This is the cutest video Sister Tebbs sent us of an 11-year-old investigator who's getting baptized soon and she's doing a happy dance because she likes going to church so much. (The BEST thing about this video is hearing Sister Tebbs' laugh in the background...)

Last but certainly not least--HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY to this stud, Cooper Scott Ron Paul Tebbs.  He is truly a member of our family and we celebrate that fact all year!

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Misty said...

Hailey is the cutest and Cooper is the luckiest dog in all the land for sure!