Monday, September 8, 2014

Rivalry Relay 2014!

 What an awesome race and team!! 61 miles from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City to Brigham Young University in Provo.  Six ladies who ran their tails off over 9 hours! 
L. to R.: Karen, Kara, Alicia, Lauretta, Suzette, Amber

We were lucky the race officials let us start a half hour earlier than our scheduled 7 am start time since we were there and ready to go.  I ran the 1st leg and handed off to Amber.  John picked me up and I headed for the funeral of my amazing Aunt Marilyn Huntsman in Provo (yes--I drove and ran there twice that day!)

 This is my aunt Marilyn who is my mom's only sister.  She passed away Monday after long battles with cancer, renal failure and heart problems.  She will be dearly missed...  So glad my team was able to switch legs a bit with me to make it work so I could run AND attend the 9 am funeral.

These next few legs happened during the 3-1/2 hours I was gone...

John was such a good sport!  He was my FAST taxi driver and got me to the top of Suncrest as Kara was finishing up so I could run my 2nd leg.  Suncrest was a BEAST with an 11% grade for 3.3 miles.  I was so grateful I got to run the 4.2 miles DOWN the other side.

 My 3rd and final leg.  It was on a blacktop trail and it was hot at 2 pm!

Lauretta was the photographer this race so she didn't get any pictures of herself.  I snapped a couple with my phone in her signature airplane arrival into the exchange.  She's a hoot!

I am so proud of team Run Walk Crawl!  This is a newer race so there were only 53 teams--so approximately 300 runners.  Our team came in 9th place overall and 3rd place in the All-Female Division!!!!!!  Way to go ladies!

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