Monday, September 29, 2014

Busy end of September...

Monday morning started out with a few decisions regarding changing up our family room!  Its been 14-1/2 years since we moved in and the grey/green carpet on the main floor has got to go!!!  New couches, chair and ottoman ordered... Guess the old stuff is moving down to St. George :)

Attended the National Honor Society induction ceremony at Woods Cross High School to watch Grayson "pledge" his commitment as a new member.

I'm so glad he and his "friend" are enjoying a small conversation in the center of the risers while being given instructions about their candles...

 Basketball season begins!!!  Grayson's competition team is sneaking in 6 games with a Salt Lake league before high school basketball tryouts in a month.  Had a great win--70 to 33!

Loved every minute of the homecoming football game at WXHS Friday night.  WX played hometown rivals Bountiful and skunked them 10-0! 

Saturday morning started early with a Woman of Steel relay race in Midway/Heber area.  6 runners each running three 5k legs.  Really fun... except for the rain :(
Team Run Walk Crawl:  Alicia, Lauretta, Kara, Dayna, Heidi, Katie

So excited to be done in 7 hours and 59 minutes, which garnered our team 3rd place! 
(Missing Kara who had to leave early for kid commitments)

Our Sunday activity included our last visit to the Church History Museum before it closes for a year and a walk around temple square.  Our little family may be small but the love we have for each other is HUGE!  Glad we get to be together FOREVER...

Finished our evening with a family walk including EVERYONE and a fun night at a neighborhood gourmet S'more's party.  I should've taken a picture of my S'more!  A coconut marshmallow, Reese's peanut butter cup, caramel sauce and bananas in between two homemade chocolate chip/coconut cookies = AMAZING!


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