Monday, April 20, 2015

An Extreme Week!

Craziest day ever!  Started off at 75 degrees in the morning and then dropped to 45 degrees and rain/snow mix later with a foot of snow covering everything by the next afternoon.  By the weekend everything had melted off and it was back up in the 70s.  That's Utah weather for you!

 Saturday was an eventful day for all of us.  I decided to sign up for the Salt Lake Half Marathon a couple months ago so I would have something to train for and get me prepared for my other races throughout the summer.  

 The half marathon I did last year was completely downhill so I had to train differently for this one.  This was a true mix of uphill, downhill and lots of flat terrain.

This is what my phone GPS said I ran...

...and this is what my timing chip recorded.  For ONCE, I wished that I was one year older and I would've gotten a 3rd-place medal in the next age category.  Next year!

I signed John up to run the 5K since he's running in a couples relay with me next month and he hasn't started his training yet.  He did it.

Saturday was also a big day for Grayson as he worked his first shift at his new job at the Braza Bowlz food truck in Bountiful.

He and his best friend Taylor got to work together and they are now pros at making healthy and delicious Acai fruit bowls!

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Shauna said...

Your time.....AMAZING!!!!! Congratulations!