Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Part 1

Grayson and I were the only ones who could join Papa and Grammy at the beach for Spring Break this year.  Hailey is on her mission, Garrett is busy with Winter semester at BYU and John couldn't take a week off of work.  We were glad we got to spend a little time with Hillary and Patrick though!  

On Sunday, we attended church with them in Irvine and then they drove down to Capistrano Beach and we rode beach cruisers on the bike trail to San Clemente Pier.

On Monday evening my former cheer squad from Mountain View High School got together for dinner and reminiscing.  It was so fun to catch up with all of them.  We're still so much the same yet wiser, stronger women.

On Tuesday, we headed to the San Diego Zoo since we haven't been there for years and the crowded amusement parks are hard to maneuver with a wheelchair.  We were actually glad we had the wheelchair as it got us to the front of the line for the tram and aerial sky cabs.

We were only at the beach for half the week but were able to fit in our favorite things--dinner and fried ice cream at El Torito...

Swimming and hot tub at the condo...

... and my favorite place--the beach!

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