Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eventful Week!

The St. Patrick's trees came down and the Easter trees went up.

John had the awesome opportunity to speak to all the Construction and Facilities Management majors at BYU during their seminar class and Garrett, one of those majors, was his IT guy during the presentation.  John is an interesting and dynamic speaker and the class was mesmerized.

 I didn't accompany the men to lunch as I was on my 24-hour clear liquid diet which preceded the exciting 12-hour colonoscopy 1-gallon prep fluid I had to drink.  Most miserable 12 hours I've spent in a long time...

The colonoscopy procedure was quick and painless which warranted a very hungry gal the excuse to get a big Alberto's bean and cheese burrito on the way home.

 Grayson had been asked to Bountiful's girls-choice Senate Dance last month and he missed a WX Morp Dance and a basketball game to attend with cute Brookelyn.  The theme was All-American and she provided the matching outfits.

Once Grayson left for the dance, John and I went with our friends the Spriggs to Pig and a Jelly Jar for dinner.  We hadn't been there and had heard good things about it.  It was southern, downhome cookin'!  John had their chicken and waffles and I had buffalo chicken sliders.

My dad had a 5-hour water board retreat in Salt Lake one day so I entertained my mom by going to lunch at Rio Grande (her favorite), the Cinderella movie and then I colored her roots.  We enjoyed our 5 hours of play!

Hailey found out she was being transferred but the Mission President didn't tell any of the missionaries where they were going until they showed up for transfer day.  Guess we'll find out the details in her email next p-day.  She is leaving her beloved 2nd area in the YSA Ward in Murfreesboro and her companion of 4 months, Sister Bybee.  Excited for new adventures!

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