Sunday, March 1, 2015

Finishing February...

 Grayson and Taylor spent all day at the Science Fair in Layton.  Their project was tagged with a "finalist" slip so they hung around for the awards ceremony where they took 3rd place in the Chemistry Category and will be moving on to the next level.

Headed to Provo mid-week to meet Garrett for dinner at Brick Oven.  It's hard not seeing him when a week or more goes by...

Put together a little photo shoot for this hot dog to send to Sister Tebbs in Tennessee.  She loves updates on Cooper!

And the last event of the month was watching Grayson get picked up for his first date and first dance.  Vicki Weaver took Grayson to the WX girls'-choice Sweethearts dance.  They both had to figure out how to pin on the boutonniere and had lots of laughs doing so.  They made a cute couple!

That's a wrap for February... goodbye Valentines, hello St. Pat's!

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