Monday, March 9, 2015

March is Here!

We have a LOT of fun when we're together.  We also LOVE having Garrett home.  He has picked up where he left off--teasing his dad and brother and giving lots of "knickas!"  We had dinner and went to a movie with my parents for FHE and the teasing continued all night...

Grayson has been saving his money for a long time to buy his own wheels.  All 4 kids have used the white RAV that Grammy and Papa so generously gave Hillary when she was 15.  Its seen many miles and many drivers.  Our deal with the kids is that we'll pay for half of their first car they want to buy (within reason) and Grayson found a truck very close to what he could afford.  We picked it up and brought it home so it wouldn't get sold and he looks at it longingly in the driveway as he's working hard to pay off the last little bit before he can drive it.  He's in love!

Church ball.  6 priests.  3 seniors, 2 juniors and a sophomore.  Regionals--game two. 

The scoreboard couldn't accommodate the score of 105 which our ward scored, but we knew they earned it.

 I stayed home with Grayson all weekend to support him in his basketball game and he also had WX tennis practice and a fun double date.  Garrett and John met Hillary and Patrick in St. George for some motor sports this weekend and we all had fun!

The first week of March also brought the winter snowstorm we were long overdue for and Sister Tebbs has been experiencing the same thing in Tennessee!  She looks much happier than I do when I'm in snow...

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