Sunday, May 10, 2015

Red Rock Relay Moab 2015!

We love this race!  We three couples have run it several times and already called dibs on next year's legs...  The race started a lot earlier this year as mandated by the highway patrol so I started the first 6-mile leg at 5:30 am in the dark but finished when the sun was coming up over the mountains.  Scenery is unbeatable!

Michelle was the next runner and even though it was in the 50's, got a little warm running her 7-miler.

John, the novice, who's always in semi-retirement got a nice 3-miler.

Scott was ready to take over a 5.5 steady uphill leg.  The cooler temps helped a lot!

Carl got the next 3 mile uphill leg as we leave the Colorado river and start up the La Sal mountains.

Lauretta had a 2-mile uphill route. Scott was always on the lookout for her.

John started the 2nd set of legs with a nasty 4-mile steep uphill climb.  We all decided it was probably the hardest leg of the race.  Most people were walking it--including John.

The snow flurries set in as well as the 20-degree temperature drop!  Michelle ran her 2 miles uphill leg.

I had a 7-mile (what I thought was downhill) leg but ended up being about 1-1/2 miles downhill and 5-1/2 uphill.  Wasn't a very fun leg...

Scott got the best leg of the race (in my opinion)--7.3 of beautiful downhill to get us over the mountains and heading back toward Moab.

Carl was on a mission to pass as many as he could and he totally rocked his 8-mile leg with less than 7-1/2 minute miles.

Lauretta brought us home with the last 5-1/2 miles ending in Swanny Park.

Less than 9-1/2 hours later we crossed the finish line and came in 14th out of 150 teams!!! Pretty good for a bunch of 50-year-olds (i'll be 50 in 2 months!)  Love this race--love these people!!!  

p.s.  We take lots of pictures while we wait for our runners to come in...


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Karen said...

I love all of these couples! Thanks for letting us share in your fun adventures!!