Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wouldn't have believed it unless I had been there...

I've had four kids participating in various activities all at the same time, but I think Grayson won the overall "most activities going on in a single week" award.  After handily beating Highland in tennis Monday afternoon at WX, Grayson changed clothes in his car and ran to his basketball banquet where he was recognized both as a sophomore teammate and team manager (since he had a broken foot and was in a boot the whole season).  He was so glad he was able to participate with basketball in some way so he could be with his friends every day.

He had another tennis match at home on Tuesday vs. East and another on Thursday vs. Clearfield and he won both of those, making him the only WX player advancing to regionals next week UNDEFEATED!  Grayson has had an awesome season and I'm proud of how hard he's worked to come back after breaking his foot 6 months ago.

We were able to sneak in dinner and a midnight movie to celebrate John's 53rd birthday!

Sister Tebbs sent him a couple of fun gifts from Tennessee and several others from the family. John had a great birthday.


 After 3 tennis matches this week, Grayson competed in a 7-game basketball tournament.  He played one game Thursday night after his tennis match, two games Friday and four on Saturday. Again, I'm so proud of how hard he's worked to come back from his foot injury.

Needless to say we were all exhausted after the numerous events of the week!  John and I went to a fun wedding reception Saturday night and Cooper just took a nap, looking exactly how we all felt!!

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