Sunday, June 28, 2015

June Activities

June was so full of events and activities but lots of fun!  Garrett was the best man at Matt Young's wedding and Caden recently got engaged.  Garrett needs to get busy!

John had a successful client appreciation lunch at Murray Park and had almost 300 attend.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!  John wanted to go on an early morning hike on Father's Day so we headed up Holbrook Canyon for a couple of hours and enjoyed the beauty.

Garrett's friend and former mission companion spent the night and day with us so he joined our motley crew!

John got new yard furniture for Father's Day and can usually be found enjoying it in the evenings...

Mom and dad and the Kings joined us for a Father's Day dinner.

The day after Father's Day I headed to St. George with the WXHS basketball team for a week-long tournament.  As a driver/chauffeur, my job was to pick the boys up from their hotel each morning and get them to games, lunches, dinners and evening activities.  I stayed by myself at the house and it was nice to have a quiet place to relax and wind down each evening.

Grayson played on the JV team and they won about half of the 12 games they played.  

Garrett and John drove down late Thursday night for some family time as soon as Grayson was done with his last Friday morning game.  It was 115 degrees and we enjoyed the pool.

While at Costco in the RAV, John decided to buy some shelving for the garage even though there was no way to fit 4 people, two 6-foot boxes and a dog in that tiny car...

We had to peel John and the boxes out when we finally made it home.

Nothing better than true relaxation... Love my boys!!!

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