Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ragnar - Wasatch Back 2015

This was my 5th Ragnar Wasatch Back race and my 4th in Van 2. Our team was made up of mostly Marsh and Rasmusen family members.  I had Carl, Michelle and Robbie Rasmusen with me and Scott and Lauretta Sechrest. 

Van 1 didn't start running until 10:30 am so our first runner left at 4:30 pm on Friday, June 19.

It was very hot this year since they scheduled the race a week later in the month than they usually do.  Michelle ran her 4.7 miles and passed off to Scott who had to run 7.2 miles in 90-degree temps.

Carl had a 7.8 mostly uphill to Snow Basin leg so he ran shirtless...

I headed out from Snow Basin to Trapper's Loop and had an 8.1 miler--mostly downhill.

The weather was cooling down by the time I was done and passed off to Robbie for his 7.7 miles.
Lauretta ran her 4.2 miles in the dark.

We tried to grab some sleep at North Summit High School and everyone found a place outside in their sleeping bags and I tried to sleep in the car.  Got a couple hours max... We got up at 2:30 am to run our middle-of-the-night legs which are always my favorite cuz they're quiet, peaceful and cool.  I got the 5.5 mile leg up and around Rockport Reservoir which I seem to get every year no matter which leg I run.  We finished at the Oakley Rodeo grounds around 6:30 am and so happy to see Georgia and Mountain Land Physical Therapy giving massages!!! 

Tried to catch an hour of sleep at Park City High School before we started our 3rd and final legs.

Michelle took on the challenging 10.3 mile "Ragnar" hill from Park City high school up to Deer Valley and the top of Guardsman Pass.

 While Michelle ran, we met up with Van 1 since they were done with their legs and took a quick pic.

A couple hours later Michelle handed off to Lauretta who in turn handed off to Scott.  They both got to run 4 miles downhill, ending up at the Homestead Resort in Midway.

My last leg was actually my shortest at 5 miles but it felt longer than the other two legs put together.  The heat was killer and at 1:00 pm on Saturday it had been a full 24 hours with only a couple of hours of sleep.

Carl had the last leg to the finish line and waited for Robbie who pushed it hard to the hand-off.

After 29 hours and 29 minutes, Marsh Runners 5.0 came in 40th out of 719 teams in the coed division.  We just keep getting better with age! 

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