Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Worth the 50-Year Wait!

I've wanted to go to Disney World my whole life! One of my (many) gifts when I turned 50 was being able to finally have my dream realized.  Garrett and Grayson joined me for the whole 6-day adventure of theme parks in Orlando.  I love fast rides and roller coasters!

DAY 1 - Visited Disney's Animal Kingdom AND Hollywood Studios

And yes, the giraffes were close enough to touch on our safari adventure.

Mount Everest was a favorite roller coaster ride!

Another favorite ride was the Rock'n'Roller Coaster ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios

We took a boat from Downtown Disney to our Port Orleans Riverside hotel which was both fun and convenient after riding shuttle buses all day.

DAY 2 - Magic Kingdom

Enjoyed the new 7 Dwarfs Train Ride and every other ride worth waiting in line for...

DAY 3 -  Epcot

Garrett got quite nauseous after Mission Space which spun you around in a capsule to simulate the g-force necessary for liftoft.

Test Track was the boys favorite ride, especially when they continued to design cars and race them.  We even took a picture with one of their designs...

Garrett felt right at home in the Mexico World Showcase area....

DAYS 4 & 5 - Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure
So happy John could join us for the last half of the trip and he only had to miss one day of work!

I loved everything about the Harry Potter areas in both parks--especially the Butterbeer!!!

Garrett was chosen as one of the extras in a short production.  He had some pretend rocks tumble on him.

Took the Hogwarts Express back and forth between the two parks each day.  So cool!

Grayson was my roller coaster pal and rode every single one of them with me in both parks!

Our evenings were spent swimming in bathtub temp. water and playing volleyball.

DAY 6 - Church & Kennedy Space Center

We were so happy the ward building we had chosen to attend was across the street from the beautiful Orlando Temple.  

Grayson caught John napping during the opening hymn...

Kennedy Space Center was amazing!  We spent 4 hours there and could've spent 4 more but we had to leave to catch our evening flight home.  

SO grateful for these 3 men in my life and the memories we created this past week!!!

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Shauna said...

Looks FUN Alicia....what a great time with your boys!!!!