Monday, September 14, 2015

September in Full Swing...

 Ended up sticking around for Labor Day weekend so we took the boys to Seven Peaks in Salt Lake for a couple of hours since we had free passes.  They had a blast and even John got in on some of the competitive action!

This is when John saw the boys get all the way across so he decided to try... He made it as far as the picture and then plopped in the water :)

Hillary and Patrick came through Bountiful for about 30 min. on their way to LOTOJA which Patrick was participating in.  Tough bike race of 205 miles from Logan, UT to Jackson, WY.  Glad we got to at least say hello!

I ran the Revell Big Cottonwood half marathon on Sept. 12 that I've been training for the last 12 weeks.  I didn't run with any friends and had to get on the bus by 5:30 am for the 6:45 am race so I was glad John made it to the finish line to cheer me on.

My training paid off and I got a PR.  This was my 3rd half marathon this year and definitely my favorite--beautiful scenery, perfect temperature and mostly downhill!

Garrett got a ROC pass for all the BYU games and after they won agains Boise State with another amazing Hail Mary touchdown, the fans stormed the field.  Garrett took a picture with one of the players and when we asked him who it was, he said he had no idea :)

Best news of the month so far is Hailey was called to be a trainer and she LOVES her trainee, Sis. Cook from San Diego.  She also loves doing missionary work at the fair and deep fried Oreos.

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