Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015!

It is SO great having Hailey home for Christmas! We had our annual Christmas Eve party at the Tebbs with dinner from Mo'Betah's and the cousin gift exchange.

Christmas morning was lots of fun except we missed my parents coming for Christmas breakfast and hanging out during the day because Papa was sick. Everyone loved their Christmas gifts--especially Cooper with his new sheep sherpa blanket!
Grayson's Christmas gifts included a Nixon watch, lots of clothes and customized basketball shoes.

Hailey's Christmas gifts included a new guitar, a Fitbit and a ticket to go to the Denver Bronco's football game on Dec. 28 with Garrett.

 Garrett's Christmas included new motorcycle clothes, tinted windows on the Lexus Papa gave him and a ticket to the Broncos game with Hailey.

We ate a delicious Christmas dinner at the Kings and Hailey was once again the popular toy with the cousins.

It was wonderful being together as a family but we missed Hillary and Patrick this year. Next Christmas we'll all be together--can't wait!

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