Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sister Tebbs Returns!

Sending a missionary out is one of the hardest things for a parent but a returning missionary is one of the most rewarding...

Sister Tebbs completed her mission on December 2 and arrived in SLC at 10 am.  We were ready for her!

Hillary couldn't get time off from work in California to come to the airport so she made the signs for us to hold up at the airport.

The waiting game...

She's coming!!!

First hugs are the best--especially after 18 long months (or 3 years in Garrett's case since their missions overlapped)


Sister Bybee came to see her. They served together in a YSA ward in Murfreesboro, TN.

Grayson grew a lot while she was gone.  He came up to her chin when she left and is almost a head taller now...

Hailey wanted to go to lunch at Cafe Rio which she had craved for 18 months and she talked to Hillary on the phone.

Cooper was ecstatic to see her!

Reunited again--best Christmas gift this year!!

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