Sunday, April 26, 2015

Finals Are Over--Time to Celebrate!

Cooper got a spring haircut and he's always ready to celebrate! 

Garrett finished his first semester at BYU and did well.  He loved college life and he loved his classes.  He had a few days off before Spring term so I asked him where he'd like to go and he said the beach and Disneyland.  Off we went!  We stayed at the Anaheim Sheraton resort a couple blocks from Disneyland and we had a great view of the park from our hotel room as well as a beautiful construction site :)

On Thursday, we walked to Downtown Disney for lunch and shopping and then headed to an afternoon Angels game.  We had great seats and the Angels beat the A's.

That night we drove to Newport Beach so Garrett could touch the sand and water and watch the beautiful sunset.  Hillary and Patrick met us at a yummy Mexican restaurant but I forgot to take a picture!!

 Friday morning bright and early we walked to Disneyland and met my good high school friend JoAnn who got us into both parks for free!  Her husband has been an electrician for Disney for 20+ years and one of the perks is free admission plus a couple of guests.  Sure glad we were the guests!

We had THE BEST time at Disneyland and walked and ate our way through both parks until the fireworks ended at 10 pm.  We were beat.  

Saturday morning we headed to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the famous Original Tommy's Burgers.

Garrett ate 2 of these monsters--they were delicious! 
Another fun trip to add to the books!

Monday, April 20, 2015

An Extreme Week!

Craziest day ever!  Started off at 75 degrees in the morning and then dropped to 45 degrees and rain/snow mix later with a foot of snow covering everything by the next afternoon.  By the weekend everything had melted off and it was back up in the 70s.  That's Utah weather for you!

 Saturday was an eventful day for all of us.  I decided to sign up for the Salt Lake Half Marathon a couple months ago so I would have something to train for and get me prepared for my other races throughout the summer.  

 The half marathon I did last year was completely downhill so I had to train differently for this one.  This was a true mix of uphill, downhill and lots of flat terrain.

This is what my phone GPS said I ran...

...and this is what my timing chip recorded.  For ONCE, I wished that I was one year older and I would've gotten a 3rd-place medal in the next age category.  Next year!

I signed John up to run the 5K since he's running in a couples relay with me next month and he hasn't started his training yet.  He did it.

Saturday was also a big day for Grayson as he worked his first shift at his new job at the Braza Bowlz food truck in Bountiful.

He and his best friend Taylor got to work together and they are now pros at making healthy and delicious Acai fruit bowls!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015!

We drove home early from St. George Easter Sunday so we could watch General Conference and enjoy the 2-man egg hunt in between sessions.  Garrett and Grayson actually didn't hunt for any eggs but found snacks and treats they love.  Cooper supervised...

Grayson's "big" Easter gift was a stereo system for his truck 
(he's still working hard to pay it off so he can drive it)...

Garrett got a Nixon watch and some much-needed casual Spring attire for school...

And lovely Hailey received the Easter dress we sent her along with some other treats.  Can't wait til she's home for Easter next year!!!

Spring Break 2015 - Part 2

We spent the 2nd half of Spring Break in Las Vegas.  Grayson had a basketball tournament with his Wildcat competition team Thursday-Saturday.  We love going to this tournament because there's lots of downtime in between games to hang out at the fabulous resort and relax with friends.

The first game was a blowout and the boys played the most perfect game I've ever seen them play as a team.

John and Garrett drove to Vegas Thursday night after Garrett's last afternoon class so they could spend the rest of the week with us.  Needless to say, John was a bit tired...

The boys were a little "off" in their last two games and lost both by 2 points!  They could've beat both teams they played which was disappointing to everyone...

I'm glad our last game was over by 9 am Saturday so we had the rest of the day to play.

Maybe this can be our Christmas card pic--haha!  We really did have a fun time together...

We took advantage of the Vegas nightlife and went to Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo and had a fabulous time!  It's such a fun, clean show--very unique and entertaining.

I sure love my family--they're super fun to be around and always have me smiling or laughing... 
Great way to end Spring Break!!