Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheer Camp Champs!

Hailey spent last week up in Park City at a UCA Cheer Camp. She had a blast and her squad did really well.
Mueller Park received two 1st Place awards and one 2nd Place in the Jr. High division.

They also received "Top Banana" out of all the schools one day and the "Spirit Stick" multiple times.
After four days of cheering and tumbling and about 5 hours of sleep per night, Hailey arrived home Friday afternoon, took a 2-hour nap and then went off to babysit for 5 hours... good as new! (I could never do it.)

p.s. She did proudly say that she now has her standing back tuck (she's been doing it for the past year with a running back handspring) and she owes it all to our trampoline. Glad something has paid off!


Heather said...

Great pictures! Hailey is a trooper to get by on so little sleep and still look so happy! (and put up with my crazy kids afterwords!) How fun for them to win those awards!

Mrs. Organic said...

So little sleep and so much fun!

Misty said...

Hailey is such a cute and fun girl. Destry can't wait until Friday!!! Great pictures.