Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Santa Barbara

John and I were able to combine watching Hillary's lacrosse tournament and Valentines weekend together to make a wonderful vacation! (Plus, who can complain about leaving a foot of snow on our grass at home to beautiful green rolling hills and 70 degree weather!!!)

First stop--Solvang. A beautiful and quaint Danish village about 30 miles north of Santa Barbara.
Next stop--Pismo Beach. A fun beach town about 50 miles north of Santa Barbara.

We rented bikes for a couple of hours to ride to the Monarch Butterfly Grove where the Monarch butterflies congregate each winter.

Next stop--Lacrosse tournament at UC Santa Barbara.

BYU did well. They competed against the "BIG" girls like Florida, Georgia, UC Davis and Pittsburgh.

They beat Georgia and Pittsburgh...

...and lost close games to Florida and UC Davis.

Hillary actually got some good playing time.

and John and I were able to sneak in a museum, water taxi, sightseeing tour and another 2-hour bicycle ride in Santa Barbara in between her games.

Sure glad BYU always attends this tournament in February. It is now on the calendar for next year!


Courtnie said...

Looks like tons of fun!

Heather said...

What a perfect Valentine's!

The Huntsville Dunns said...

How fun! I love seeing those pictures of Hillary...she can do no wrong in my eyes :) I wanna come with you next year, John won't mind....will he?

Mrs. Organic said...

I am so jealous. We have got to visit Solvang one of these days.

Shauna Rae said...

It sounds so heavenly this time of year!!!!! February is so dreary here! I didn't hear anything about any "other" kids, so hopefully you got to be with JUST your sweetheart!??

Karen said...

How fun for Hillary to be playing with the big girls, and especially fun for you and John to have a romantic getaway!

Tracy said...

Alicia. I think it's so great Hillary is playing in college. Lucky chance for you to travel and see some fun places while you cheer her on. Let's all meet up. Any Friday is good for us.

Tracy said...

March 13th it is. I've got you on the calendar. Also thanks for the yummy dip mix you sent to me! See you soon.