Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What a day for Gray...

Grayson had his first Jr. High basketball game of the season and played most of the game on the Varsity team.  He's still the smallest guy but was lucky to get an adult MEDIUM uniform this year instead of an adult large that he had to wear last year... (9th graders get first choice of numbers, then 8th graders and as the only 7th grader last year got what was left!)

It's a pretty fast game playing with the 9th grade boys and Mueller Park has a whole new team and new coach.  They lost against Farmington and Grayson was spent.

He had 20 minutes once he got home to take a shower, eat and get back to the school for the Fall Band Concert.  He plays different forms of percussion and I love to see him counting and feeling the beat.  

He is fun to watch in whatever he participates in and I have to be really quick if I ever want to catch him with a smile...

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