Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday--Celebrating in So. Cal...

My dad was turning 80 years old on Oct. 10 and was going to be vacationing in Capistrano Beach that week.  Hillary needed a carload of wedding gifts dropped off at her new apartment in Irvine.  What's a girl to do???  Drive to California of course!!

I left last Monday night and drove to St. George.  Got up early Tuesday morning and drove straight to Hillary's bee-you--tee-ful apartment, took her to lunch and bought her a few groceries :)

Met a few old high school friends (almost time for our 30-year-reunion!) that evening in Brea for dinner...

... and finally on Wednesday morning celebrated my dad's 80th birthday with him, my mom and my sister... the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!  My other lovely and fun high school friend JoAnn scored us a few passes and we had the best day! 

The weather was perfect and we rode everything we were interested in riding--even a fishing net!

I love this photo of my parents' content and happy profiles on the Little Mermaid ride.

And this one is great--my mom with her "gun" and her dark glasses on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters ride.  Way to go Renee!!

I'm ready to drive back if anyone wants to ride shotgun!!

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Karen said...

Let's go! I need a break:)