Sunday, May 12, 2013

BEST Mother's Day Ever!!!

This was probably the BEST and MOST FUN Mother's Day ever for me!!

I got to share the day with beautiful Hailey who turned 18 years old--wowser!

Had my whole family attend church with me (except for Garrett) and loved being with my girls in the kitchen...

...and I got to see and talk to Elder Tebbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a few Skype problems at the beginning because Garrett's Bishop's sound wasn't working on his computer so we had to eventually call him using John's laptop and Garrett would talk into the Bishop's landline phone but we could see him on the computer screen and he could hear us.  Anyway, thought I'd take a few pix of his different expressions during the conversation from the anxious anticipation of waiting for the first word to being a bit frustrated to finally figuring out a solution and then totally enjoying the conversation and all of the family.  He looked and sounded fabulous and is so happy!



Shauna said...

Isn't that the BEST EVER? Those missionary phone calls can't be beat! So happy you had a wonderful day Alicia!!!!!

Karen said...

I felt the same way about Mother's Day this year. I don't know if its our age and the things we have learned over the years, but I finally get the "have joy in your posterity" bit that I used to scoff at when I was in the middle of so much heart ache. This year, I was happy to have my whole family in one place and I am so proud of the adults they have become. You have an incredible family and you will continue to have much joy with them!

Carin Davis said...

How great to capture all of those expressions!!!!! You are one of the BEST moms I know!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!!! xo