Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Senior Night at Lacrosse

HAILEY TEBBS (as read by one of her coaches)

Happy. Upbeat. Motivator. Contagious Laugh. Competitive. Honest. Spiritual. Kind. Friendly. Leader. Smart. Loyal. Hard worker. Genuine. Creative. Musicial. Dancer. Cheerleader. Athlete........... all attributes describing Hailey.  She’s a well-rounded girl who brings life to a party and sunshine to a room.  She’s attending BYU in the Fall and will cheer her Freshman year.  She’s majoring in Psychology and minoring in Contemporary Dance.  Life goals include serving a mission, playing BYU lacrosse, graduating from BYU and pursuing a career in some kind of counseling using her psychology degree, becoming a wife and mother and owning/managing her own dance studio.

Honoring Hailey

1 of Hailey's 3 goals--final score WX-7; Davis-3

She always makes great passes

Never intimidated 
2013 WXHS Varsity & JV Teams - Quarter Finals on THURSDAY!!     

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Misty said...

She is an amazing girl! Congrats on so many wonderful accomplishments!