Friday, May 3, 2013

BYU Women's Conference

My sis was the opening general speaker this morning at BYU Women's Conference in Provo.  She was able to get a few tickets for family on the front row on the floor so John and I attended.  As we sat in that HUGE stadium it occured to us that Hailey will be cheering in that arena for basketball games in just a few months.  That's a BIG change from the Woods Cross High School gym :D

My sis said she was nervous but she sure didn't look it or act it.  She gave an amazing 35-minute talk and spoke about key points with amazing stories and examples about faith, hope, charity, diligence, knowledge, virtue and obedience (hope I didn't leave one out...)

It was fun to see several people from our hometown in California come up and say hello to our family (my dad was the Bishop for 10 years so everyone knew our family well) and every one of them commented that I look just like my mom.  Lucky me!!!! :D  Good day!


Carin Davis said...

I didn't know she was speaking!!
I am sure it was fantastic!
Will it recorded and broadcast on tv or the internet!? I would love to hear it!

I think you take after your mom too! You are a lucky lady!!!

Courtnie said...

And patience. You forgot that one. :)

Shauna said...

I have always loved your sister! When I was a young mother she was my idol as I watched her on the news. She seemed to be having her babies the same time I was! Now I know her sis, who is as equally as awesome!!!!!!!