Thursday, May 23, 2013

End of Year Events--Divide and Conquer--NOT!

One of those unfortunate circumstances when two great things were scheduled on the same night at the same time and we couldn't even divide and conquer...

Grayson had his choir performance at Mueller Park Jr. High and had a drum solo.  I asked a friend of mine to take a picture with her camera and send it to me as he was performing so I could feel like I was kinda there... I was glad I attended their choir festival performance last month so I could hear him sing and play.

Since it was Hailey's senior year and I was in charge of the lacrosse banquet, John and I felt like we needed to be there.  Hailey received several awards and was All-Conference Midfielder and All-State 1st Team as well as received her Varsity letter for the sport, Senior award and Captain award.

The Varsity captains came up with special awards for all the players and coaches gifts.

Hailey and favorite Coach Dana.

One of Hailey's best buds--Val Cardon!

One last wildcat team cheer.  Lacrosse is over for Hailey.  Also over for me after 8 straight years with both Hillary and Hailey.  I am sad.


Mrs. Organic said...

what a great girl, what a great night! You've been such a support to her. way to go, both of you!

Shauna said...

Too many talented Tebbs!!!!!!! Now, can you finally rest now that school is ending?? :)